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Family Law/Visitation in Northern Virginia

One of the largest areas of law in Virginia relates to family matters. Cases encompass a range of topics, from separation and divorce to child support, custody/visitation, and adoption. Family law is a complex topic, which is why you need a knowledgeable family court lawyer to ensure an equitable outcome.

Westlake Legal Group has significant experience as a family law attorney. Since 1992, we have helped couples, parents, and children navigate delicate legal situations. We pride ourselves on our ability to explain the nuances of Virginia family law and come to a resolution that truly is in every party’s best interest.

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Separation & Divorce Cases in the Northern Virginia Area

Divorce is a difficult situation for any family to face, particularly if adultery, cruelty, or desertion comes into play. The changes you experience during your divorce can be overwhelming, but with the support of a qualified divorce attorney, you can ensure the best outcomes concerning your children, financial security, and emotional state once the proceedings are finalized.

Although many areas of law are hostile in nature, it may not be in your best interest to approach your divorce this way. The attorneys at Westlake Legal Group will analyze your case and help you take a cooperative approach, if appropriate, to make the process as quick and cost-effective as possible.

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Child Custody, Visitation & Support Lawyers

Visitation is the time each parent spends with the children. In Virginia, all parents have a legal obligation to financially support their children until the age of 18, or 19 if the child has not graduated from high school. The attorneys at Westlake Legal Group have a great depth of knowledge and experience with child custody, visitation, and support cases.

At Westlake Legal Group, we’ll fight tirelessly to achieve a favorable outcome in your child support, custody, and visitation case.

Child Adoption Lawyer

The Virginia court system plays a role in determining the fitness of potential parents for adopting children. If you are ready to affirm your commitment and love to a child who isn’t biologically related to you, make sure the process goes smoothly by having a knowledgeable adoption lawyer by your side. Westlake Legal Group can file all the necessary paperwork and represent you in court hearings and appointments.

If you are seeking to adopt a child in Sterling, Potomac Falls, Ashburn, or the surrounding area, reach out today to a family law attorney at Westlake Legal Group.

Family Law & Divorce FAQ

How much does it cost to file for divorce?

When getting a divorce, you will likely need to pay attorney’s fees and court filing fees, even if it’s an uncontested or no-fault divorce. You may also be ordered to pay child support, spousal support (alimony), and other funds as you divide your property. Be aware that Virginia law allows the court to order you to pay part or all of your spouse’s fees depending on their financial ability relative to yours.

The biggest factor that determines the cost of a divorce is whether you and your spouse agree to issues concerning custody, support, and the division of property. During your consult, an attorney will discuss the cost of the divorce with you.

Do I really need to hire a family law attorney?

While you are not required to have a lawyer when filing for divorce, establishing child custody, or adopting a child, it is highly recommended. Even without an attorney, you will be held to the same standards, rules, and procedures that legal professionals have to follow. You will not receive any special treatment, instructions, or assistance from the court. In the end, it’s much easier to achieve a desirable outcome if you have the expertise of a family lawyer at your disposal.

How much can I expect to receive or pay in child support?

Child support is determined according to statutory guidelines while taking into account both parents’ incomes, health insurance premiums, and daycare costs. Special circumstances such as self-employment, support of other children, and custody arrangements also come into play. Speak with a child support lawyer for help determining what you should request or expect to pay in your case.

Reach out today to a family law attorney at Westlake Legal Group.

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