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Divorce Lawyers in Northern Virginia

Going through a divorce is stressful enough without having to worry about your personal and financial interests. If you’ve filed for divorce, your spouse has filed for divorce, or you’ve mutually agreed upon separation, you need a knowledgeable attorney to help advocate for your best interests.At Westlake Legal Group, our team of collaborative lawyers works hard to mediate between the two parties and come to the most agreeable divorce terms possible. Contact our team to get the family lawyer you need to navigate your divorce today.

The Basics of Divorce Law in Virginia

A divorce involves many different parts, depending on your specific family, personal, and financial situation. Typically, the following considerations are part of divorce litigation in Virginia:

  • Property/asset division
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Spousal support
  • Child visitation
  • Post-divorce agreement modifications

Getting a divorce doesn’t always mean that couples will need to fight a drawn-out legal battle. In general, couples that wish to divorce may do so through mediation, negotiation, collaboration, or litigation. Our attorneys have a wide range of experience providing mediation, collaboration, negotiation, and litigation services to couples seeking a divorce in Northern Virginia. Contact our team to get started today.

Collaboration & Mediation Lawyers

When a couple decides to split amicably, they may choose to resolve their separation through mediation or collaboration. The following explains the differences and similarities between these two methods:

  • Mediation Attorneys: During this process, a trained mediation attorney helps the couple come to agreeable terms for their financial and custody considerations, ensuring these terms are mutually beneficial. This works best if the relationship has remained peaceful; however, even couples who are not on good terms may be good candidates for mediation services.
  • Collaborative Divorces: Similar to mediation, collaborative divorces involve a mostly peaceful alternative to litigation. The couples will each meet with their separate attorneys to approach a settlement agreement. Third-parties, such as financial analysts or divorce coaches, may also be part of these meetings.

While couples may wish to pursue collaborative or mediation services at first due to their less-costly nature, sometimes these services aren’t sufficient enough to resolve major disagreements that may arise as a result of the settlement conversation. When this happens, it’s inevitable that litigation will follow. Consult with your divorce attorney at Westlake Legal Group to understand the options available to you.

FAQs for Divorce Law in Virginia

What’s the difference between a contested and uncontested divorce?

The difference between a contested and uncontested divorce is mainly whether the decision to get divorced is mutual. If both parties agree to the divorce, it is considered uncontested. When the parties are unable to agree on anything and seek resolution through the court, this is considered a contested divorce.

What is marital property?

These are any assets or property that were obtained during your marriage, such as homes, money, personal property, retirement plan benefits, and even debts.

When is the divorce final?

Your divorce will be considered final after 30 days have passed since the date the divorce order has been stamped by the court as “entered on docket.”

Westlake Legal Group: Northern Virginia's Divorce Law Firm

If you and your spouse have decided to get a divorce, Westlake Legal Group has the team of knowledgeable attorneys you need to come to a mutually beneficial resolution. From custody and child support to property and asset division, we’ll help you navigate every step of the legal process to finalize your divorce filing. Contact our team to get started today!

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