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Business Law Services in Virginia

Whether you’re just starting a business or you have an established organization, you know that business owners need reliable legal services they can trust. From crafting a solid business structure to registering for taxes, licenses, and permits, there are many legal aspects to business ownership that require assistance from a skilled attorney. Westlake Legal Group provides the end-to-end business law services Northern Virginia business owners need to ensure they’re working ethically and in compliance with current state and federal regulations.

No matter what form of business ownership you’re in, Westlake Legal Group has the team of knowledgeable business attorneys you need. We’ll help you manage all legal aspects of your business, ensuring you’re set up for ongoing success.

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Understanding Business Law in Northern Virginia

Starting a Business in Virginia

The first step in creating a business in Virginia is creating a business structure that meets your needs. You’ll need to complete the following steps to officially launch your business:

  • Choose a legal structure
  • Select and register a business name
  • Find a location for your business and obtain information on required safety and zoning codes
  • Register for taxes, licenses, and permits
  • Register business products, services, or inventions as intellectual property using trademarks, service marks, copyrights, or patents

At Westlake Legal Group, our team can help guide you through every stage of the business creation process, providing expert legal support when you need it most. Contact our team to get started with creating your business plan today.

Virginia Business Laws

Businesses are regulated by both state and federal laws. Depending on your business size and structure, these regulations may apply and may implicate employee rights, environmental protection, taxes, securities, and more. The following highlight just some of the unique aspects of owning and operating a business in Northern Virginia:

  • Virginia is one of several states that allow private lawsuit filings for antitrust law violations.
  • Virginia prohibits deceptive business practices, including false advertising, odometer tampering, and failure to disclose all conditions or fees relating to return policies.
  • Virginia prohibits any contract, combination, or conspiracy in restraint of trade or commerce, attempt to monopolize trade or commerce, and discriminatory practices in accordance with its Antitrust Act.

To learn more about Virginia business law and the impact the Commonwealth’s regulations may have on your business operations, schedule a consultation with the skilled attorneys at Westlake Legal Group today.

FAQs for Virginia Business Law

Do I need to register my business in Virginia?

If you own or operate a business in Northern Virginia, you will need to register the entity with the appropriate agencies. This includes sole proprietors who are doing business as a separate entity, as well as small businesses with under 10 employees.

What constitutes deceptive trade in Virginia?

Deceptive trade in Virginia is characterized as any advertisement, promotion, or other act that is meant to deceive consumers into making a purchase.

Westlake Legal Group for Your Business Attorney Needs

If you’re planning to start a business in Northern Virginia or have started a business and need additional legal assistance, Westlake Legal Group has the skilled attorneys you need. We’ll help you manage every step of the business ownership process, including creating a business plan, registering with the appropriate institutions, and ensuring compliance with safety, zoning, and environmental regulations.

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